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Don't cry for me, gave me a wonderful life which I will never forget and I am happily over Rainbow Bridge. I'll never forget you......

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Sassy who was born on March 11, 1998 and passed away on July 2, 2013. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Latest Memories
Beckie Butcher
I remember when we first got Sassy.....she didn't want anything to do with being handled by anybody. She was so feisty! She hated confinement and fought like the dickens to get out of her cage. Mom and I were watching her, and I said to my mom what a perfect pet she would be for her. She got a kick out of her spunk. But Sassy was so frazzled we decided to grab some dinner and let her calm down before going back to take her home. Once we got her home she immediately hid behind the couch right in the center of it so nobody could get her. Mom had another cat she wanted to hide from. Even at just weeks old she was no dummy. She gave mom so much joy and laughter. She is greatly missed.....